I’m Over 65 – Is It Too Late for Me to Find Life Insurance?

The only time it is too late to find life insurance is when you are really, really old…really sick…or dead. Just because you’re over 65 doesn’t mean it’s too late for you. In fact, you may be surprised at just how many options you find. But you have to do comparison-shopping.

Comparison-shopping the traditional way can be frustrating. Plodding from one insurance company to the next…talking with one agent after another…filling out form after form after form… This could take hours! Days! And there are some companies that simply will not sell term life insurance over 65; they just regard it as unprofitable (or not profitable enough). Comparison-shopping the old-fashioned way and getting rejected by the first few companies just because you are over 65 could be a very discouraging proposition.

Don’t worry—there is a better, faster, easier way. And it’s a recent phenomenon. Now, you can comparison-shop by using a free, unbiased quoting service that uses state-of-the-art software to simultaneously collect quotes from many different insurance companies all at once. You don’t have to talk with agent after agent. (But you can talk with a licensed, unbiased agent if you need help.) You don’t have to fill out form after form—just answer a few short, simple questions such as the area the city and state where you live and the date you were born. And you don’t need to go from one company to the next to the next… They come to you! You click one button, and they provide their quotes. These are the industry’s leading insurers, competing to offer you the best possible coverage at the lowest possible premiums.

You pick the option that fits your needs and your budget, and in many cases, you can pay your first premium right then and there using your credit card. Then you can download and print a copy of your policy. And all in a matter of minutes, you have acquired excellent but affordable life insurance.

How much coverage do you need? That all depends on how much you can afford, of course, but also how you intend the benefit to be used. Is it for your spouse or partner, to make sure he or she can continue to live comfortably after your death? This is among the most common reasons people buy life insurance—to protect the ability of their spouse or partner to continue to live in their current home, continue to cover the same day-to-day expenses, continue to enjoy the same standard of living they do now. Your spouse’s standard of living, age, and health are all factors in calculating the amount of coverage you need.

If you are buying coverage to fund your grandchildren’s (or great-grandchildren’s) college education, calculate the age of your beneficiaries, the current cost of earning a diploma at a four-year university, and about how much that cost may rise with inflation by the time your beneficiaries are actually at the age to start college.

Or perhaps you are buying life insurance and designating a beneficiary that isn’t a family member but still holds a special place in your life. This may even be a church or temple or mosque…or perhaps a favorite charity or the college you attended.

Whatever your reason for shopping for life insurance over 65, be sure to use a free, unbiased online quoting service such as LifeInsuranceOver65.info. Don’t delay—it’s not too late!